The Conquer Life Mindset Book

Four Universal Fundamentals of Success

"What good will this book do for me, what will I learn?"

  1. strategies to deal with distractions in life and maintain momentum forward

  2. to identify toxic people in your life that you need to let go of

  3. how to get "unstuck" and gain focus and commitment toward your true goals

  4. how to shift your mindset toward constant positivity despite circumstances 

  5. how to increase your self-awareness and why it is extremely important to do so

Most importantly, you'll learn how powerful the Four Universal Fundamentals of Success are when you understand them and implement them into your life.

All high achievers and greatly successful people are masters of these four fundamentals and you can master them as well IF you gain a deep understanding of them.

Take the plunge...begin your journey.

The Conquer Life Mindset Sneak Peek

Portions of each book section - 9 pages

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This is where it all starts. The original edition of The Conquer Life Mindset. You'll learn the details of how to implement the Four Universal Fundamentals of Success into your life. You'll learn how to develop and sustain a mindset that overcomes obstacles in life. This is a book / workbook so you will have to actually participate and engage in the material...and this is how it sticks.

This No Filter Edition has minimal usage of  adult language.



This edition contains an expanded introduction focusing on the importance of people developing their own Conquer Life Mindset


This edition does not contain adult language.


Coming Soon!

The Student Edition speaks directly to high school juniors/seniors and university/college level students. We lay out some of the obstacles that they will face as they enter the adult stages of life. Readers will become equipped with the Conquer Life Mindset fundamentals and the ability to face whatever obstacles life puts before them.

Or you can order the .pdf version for $4.99 - from Gumroad.

Or you can order the .pdf version for $4.99 - from Gumroad.

Coming Soon!