Trey & Autumn offer a unique perspective on life based upon their originally developed Conquer Life Mindset.

Their talks are tailored for student audiences [high school & college/university], business professionals, and community events.

As a husband & wife team, Trey & Autumn bring forth life & professional experience to audiences - providing an amount of value and insight that motivates and inspires people to truly push toward their career and life ambitions.

When you become aware of yourself and the world around you, opportunity presents itself everywhere you look.


High Schools, Colleges,
& University Events

Business Seminars, Leadership,
& Community Talks

Are you a high school guidance counselor, leadership/career development instructor, or perhaps a college/university advisor or event coordinator seeking speakers for your event?


If so, we can help you.  Our "talks" are similar to the infamous Ted Talks that many have seen online.  We offer a unique and audience-tailored talk.  Because we work as a husband and wife team, you get two speakers who can share from two different perspectives for your male and female attendees.


As parents of a current high school senior [and three future high school students], we understand the challenges of young teens and we are able to address the fears that they may have for their future.


As professionals working in higher education, we can also address the concerns of college/university students as they prepare to embark on their own journey of life.

For organizations, we offer intimate speaking engagements based upon our own experience in leadership and entrepreneurship.  With backgrounds in management, leadership, team-building, and professional develpment, we can help to provide your staff with fresh insights for increased productivity, team cohesion, and individual professional development.


If you are a community organizer and are seeking speakers for subject matter related to personal development, leadership, or perhaps non-profit development, we can help.  We offer engaging and motivational talks that are applicable to professional industries.


We have studied high profile organizations and individuals, and have found that our Four Universal Fundamentals of Success within The Conquer Life Mindset book, are extremely valuable to organizations and the people who make them run.