The proof is in your hustle

February 14, 2017


Anyone can start a business [or any kind of project] but not everyone will.


Why do people start things and then fall off and not finish what they started? Because they thought it was a "good idea" and they don't RESPECT THE HUSTLE.


Once you start something you have to be willing to follow-through. Whatever it is that you want to pursue - it will not be easy. There will be times that you want to quit. Those are the times that you have to remember WHY you wanted to achieve that project in the first place.


Don't become known as the person who bounces from one thing to the next without ever completing a project. You'll be the person that people won't want to work matter how talented or intelligent you are.


Be determined to truly see thing through - IF it is something that you claim to be passionate about you have to put up the hustle...people will respect that. If you say you're going to do something...DO IT...WORD IS BOND!


Respect is earned by the level of your hustle.


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