Why I unliked all news media pages on Facebook...

February 6, 2017


I'm a very introspective person. 


During the "great presidential campaign" of 2015-2016, I was engaged in the wonderful online social media debates just like the majority of America. And like an optimistic peon, I thought the divisive hatred would chill out after the election was over. Annnnd I was wrong.


I observed comments on news posts and read some really fucked up stuff. Blatant racism everywhere. The level of hatred in people's hearts is pretty

 disconcerting...especially since this is supposed to be the UNITED states of America. And believe it or not...the exposure to all of that negativity has an adverse reaction on our own psyche [remember the great Facebook experiment that pissed a lot of people off?]. 


So toward the end of January I decided to begin an experiment using myself as the test subject. I decided to unlike all of the news pages that I was subscribed to on Facebook. This experiment stemmed from a conversation I had with a co-worker. My co-worker mentioned that he doesn't get into politics and so I asked, "Why do people do the whole 'stick your head in the sand thing' and avoid news and politics?" He didn't really have an answer. 


That conversation stuck with me and I decided to "stick my head in the sand" and see what would happen - How will I feel not reading all of the doom and gloom from the news? How will my attitude change? Will I become more hopeful? Will my focus change and turn back to what I truly care about? So many questions floated through my mind on how this "news purge" would affect me. Now let me be clear, I'm a well informed person and I know just about all I need to know about the political climate in America - so I'm not someone who is entirely oblivious.


Thus far, I've noticed that my focus is definitely different. I'm focused on producing content for this website, our instagram page, and building our digital footprint of positivity. I'm also more creative...it's almost as if all of that energy spent thinking and raging about politics and hatred has been converted toward being more in tune with creating a path for my family's future.


It's been quite liberating in just a short time.


Maybe you might wanna give it a try...unlike all the news pages. Be free.



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