Can You Spare Change?

October 7, 2015


As my morning commute begins far before sunrise, I was pondering on the topic of change.  Personally, I realized that over the last several years my husband (Trey) and I have been managing constant changes.  


And while it is now easier for us to be more appreciative to changes in our lives, there was a time when change was extremely difficult, intimidating – even scary.


But now, we embrace change wholeheartedly… So what is different?


Painful Change…


I know that many people find it difficult to change things within their lives, even if they believe the outcome would be better than the present.  So why can some appear to make changes in their lives effortlessly, yet so many people struggle with the concept of change?


After much thought, I realized something - the times I have seen the greatest change in others and in our own lives is when they were going through painful situations—pain and pressure so great that it forced us to change.  Choosing change became the only choice to make the pain stop.


Understandably, human beings are rhythmic creatures - we like to find a certain groove and stick with it.  However, often we become complacent in that groove and rhythmic changes can be intimidating.  But in times of great pressure and pain – survival mode can take over and we are forced to make a change – because the change is finally at a point where we need relief and we become willing to find another groove.


Again, this is forced change…not elected.


Willing to change…


So how does someone become willing to change - to embrace the uncertainty of making a change, and press forward?


The common core I have noticed in individuals who accept change, have a mission (their purpose or have created a personal goal to conquer).  They see change as an opportunity (positive mindset) to grow closer to their goal/purpose and understand that progression is needed to make their dreams a reality.


So as I reflect on our (Trey and I) journey of embracing change over the last several years, the concept becomes easier to face – even exciting because we have a mission that we are deeply passionate about.  


And with that passion sparks motivation that enhances our commitment and focus to achievement.  As a result, we are more flexible as changes come because we see it as another step closer to manifest our vision.   


Bottom Line: You cannot spare change.  Change in life will come.  You can either wait for the pain of change to move you, or you can use change to get you where you want to be.


The choice is always yours!



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