3 Ways to Get Out of Ruts

October 7, 2015

That moment when you're working on a project and then...NOTHING.  It's like an instant freeze...your creativity spigot just stops.  BEEEEEEEEEEEEEP...flatline.  



I get that feeling from time to time.  Whether it's writing the Conquer Life book, or coming up with ideas for video content - I get those "stuck" moments.  And then I quit what I'm doing and go do something else.


In those moments when I found myself in a rut, it was usually because I was stewing over some project too long without refreshing my mind.  It's common for creatives to have those "stuck in a rut" moments.  But the question is, "How do I get out of this rut?"  And here are 3 ways that I personally escape the ruts of life:


1.  Like I mentioned,  I quit and do something else.  If I begin to realize that I can't come up with fresh ideas or solutions to an issue, and i feel the same thoughts flashing in my mind...I quit...I take a lenghty break from the task-at-hand and I focus on something else, or maybe go read a few articles online, or even watch a movie.  It's almost like mentally hitting reverse to back away from the task or project...and then going elsewhere to relax my mental gears.  Once I've had time to refreshen and relax, then I am able to come back to task and typically have some new insight or idea that helps me to get out of that rut and push forward.  Many times, you may just get that "Aha!" moment while you're taking a break.


2.  Another way to escape the rut is to get help from your mentor.  Don't be afraid to contact your mentor, or a close friend [if you don't have a mentor...get one...this is extremely important].  Contact your mentor, explain the situation, and then open your mind.  Your mentor may be able to provide the puzzle pieces that help you see the picture that you're looking for...or at least spark your own thoughts to move past that stuck-in-a-rut moment.


And lastly,


3.  This is the big one...to be used in conjunction with the first two...BELIEVE!  You've got to believe that you will get past that rut.  You've got to believe your rut is a just a temporary situation and you will get that spark to get moving forward.  Remember other times where you've successfully conquered a rut and were able to complete your task or achieve your goal.  There's no point in getting worked up, frantic, and anxious when we find ourselves in those ruts.  Instead, we've got to keep a cool head and keep our minds open to opportunities and ideas that will help move us past that temporary rut.  


And it's just that simple...


Of course, there are other ways that people deal with ruts in their lives...these three are the ways that I've been successful in handling my own ruts.


What's your insight?  How do you handle those temporary "rut moments" in your life?





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